Bulk foods in the market

With hundreds of bulk products, help yourself to as much or as little as you need. We encourage use of recycled containers, bring in your own or use ours! Generous discount is offered on your purchases and our knowledgeable staff members can help you with any questions or queries. We pride ourselves on in store customer service.

Fresh juices and smoothies are on offer at our juice bar. We have our recommended juice combos or we can custom make your own favourites. We love adding ingredients to our juice bar from season to season and include as much organic produce as possible.

Latest Recipes

GF Lasagna 10

Gluten Free Lasagne with Coconut Flour Wraps

Attention Coconut Lovers and Paleo peeps….. You’re going to love us for this one!! We recently started stocking coconut wraps and one of our masterchefs has come up with this delicious Gluten Free Lasagne recipe which replaces pasta sheets with

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The bees knees

thin banjo

Banjo The Carob Bunny!

Easter is around the corner and Banjo the Carob Bunny has made his way back to Goodies! Our friends at the Carob Kitchen bring you Australia’s first Banjo Carob Bunny and mini Easter Eggs, all made with Australian grown carob

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