KVASS: the new super-drink?

October 02, 2019

KVASS: the new super-drink?

What is kvass?

Kvass is a traditional natural fermented drink which originated from Babylon over 5,000 years ago, before spreading to Byzantium and parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Over the years, kvass has been made from a variety of ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and grains, but is now commonly made from rye.

How is it made?

Kvass is made from a lengthy 5-phase dough fermentation process, which involves the enzymatic treatment of the starches in rye flour. This natural fermentation process creates an abundant and diverse range of probiotics, making kvass a great source of nutrition!

Health Benefits

In terms of health benefits, each bottle of kvass is packed full of billions of living cultures, known as probiotics. I’m sure most of us have heard of probiotics before, but what actually are they? Probiotics are a special group of live microorganisms that live in our gut. They play an important role in maintaining optimal digestive function, by helping us digest and extract nutrients. Consuming an abundance of probiotics will help improve and diversify the gut microbiome and function, which ultimately leads to better-quality immune function and mental wellbeing.

Kvass Vs. kombucha?

When it comes to taste kvass does not disappoint! If you’ve tried any type of fermented beverage in the past, like kombucha, you’ll probably be familiar with the vinegary and slightly acidic taste. However, because kvass uses rye as the starter culture, it offers more flavoursome, sweet and tangy hints, with much less acidity. Another reason why we love kvass is because it’s low in sugar and doesn’t contain any sweeteners, unlike many other fermented beverages, like kombucha. Kvass also contains more probiotic cultures than kombucha (billions vs millions). This is due to the difference in fermentation processes, which allows the bacterial cultures in kvass to stay healthy and alive in a sealed bottle.

Our favourite: BROD KVAS

The team behind Brod Kvas are passionate about creating the highest quality kvass, bringing together authentic brewing traditions with sophisticated flavours that are light and incredibly refreshing. Their unique range combines premium natural ingredients to create the best tasting, raw, living kvass.

Their award-winning range includes 5 different flavours, each of which offers different health benefits. Click here to find out more about each flavour.
















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